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3 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Boss

Are you getting the support you need from your boss? If not, you probably feel frustrated and overlooked at times. To improve your relationship with your boss, it’s important to focus on communicating your needs in a respectful way. This means being willing to open up and start a dialogue with your supervisor. The following […]

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Overcoming Office Distractions – 5 Tips to Keep Your Focus

A recent study by a New York-based research firm, Basex, found that the average knowledge worker loses 2.1 hours a day of productivity, or 28% of the workday due to workplace distractions. Even the most focused employees can have a difficult time remaining on task under a barrage of e-mails, phone calls and visits from […]

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Thankful at work

The Benefits of a Thankful Attitude

Have you ever noticed how you feel more positive about your job, and things in general, when you approach life with a grateful attitude? When you stop to count your blessings it takes you away from worrying about your problems. Have you taken a moment this week to pause and think about what you’re thankful […]

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Changing Jobs during the Holidays

The holidays tend to be a busy and expensive time of year. If you’re in the process of changing employment, you already know the added stress job hunting brings. To make searching for and switching jobs around the holidays easier, follow these tips. 1. Understand that the hiring process may be slower due to personnel […]

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Office Gossip: Friendly Chatter or Hurtful Conversations

Gossip in the workplace is a form of social interaction between two or more co-workers in which speculation and opinion about other individuals becomes the topic of discussion. Gossip can usually be dismissed as idle chitchat, but if you’re not careful, workplace gossip can turn into malicious behavior that can tear teams and departments apart. […]

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Professional Crossroads

Professional Crossroads – How to Choose the Right Career Path for You

Have you reached a point in your career when you know it’s time for a change, but you’re not quite sure what your next move should be? When you come to a professional crossroads, it’s important to look at where you’ve been to determine where you want to go in the future. Your past successes […]

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How to Close the Interview with Confidence

Interviewing for a job is a challenging task. If you’ve done things the right way and thought in advance about how to talk about your qualifications, researched the company, practiced answering difficult questions with a friend, dressed to match the company culture, and arrived promptly, you may already feel pretty confident by the time you […]

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Working in Your Own World?

In today’s workplace, tenure doesn’t necessarily mean you’re entitled to a promotion. Hard work, dependability and a positive attitude are just a few characteristics that employers look for when promoting employees. Some individuals might not realize that some of their actions and the direction they are heading in their employment might be keeping them from […]

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Work Fire Starter

Are You a Workplace Fire Starter?

Do you enjoy coming to the rescue in a crisis? What happens when everything is peaceful and there isn’t a problem to solve? Do you find yourself starting little fires at work just so you can put them out later? According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, some employees take their love for […]

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‘Tis the Season for Seasonal Jobs

It’s the time of year when companies everywhere are hiring workers to ramp up for the holiday season. In fact, retailers say they plan to add up to 600,000 workers in November and December this year. But, did you know that retail stores aren’t the only places to add temporary workers to their staff as […]

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