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Inexpensive Vacation Ideas to Help You Refuel for Work

With spring in bloom and summer on the horizon, a relaxing vacation may be the perfect way to spend a few days unwinding, relieving stress, and re-energizing. But with a pressing workload and financial stresses, a vacation may seem impossible.

Taking regular vacations can improve workplace productivity, lower stress levels, and boost your overall health. So, before you skip out on a much needed, well-deserved vacation, consider these inexpensive ways to get away and refuel.

Go camping. Enjoy the great outdoors, and take a break from work by camping at a nearby lake or state park. If you don’t have a tent or other necessary camping gear, ask a friend if you can borrow theirs or check with local sports and outdoor stores like REI to rent equipment. Activities like hiking, rock climbing, or even just setting up camp can help release built up stress. Don’t forget about traditions like campfire stories and s‘mores to build or renew relationships with family and friends without breaking your budget.

Take a road trip. Pack up the car, turn up the music, and hit the open road for an adventure. Now that gas prices are not sky-high, a road trip is an affordable option. Travel with friends to split the cost of gas and hotels. Visit nearby cities or states, small town diners, and historic sites along the way. The feeling of possibility and excitement that comes with a road trip can provide the energy and focus you need when you return to work.

Enjoy a “staycation.” “Staycations” are an economical alternative to travel without the stress of packing. If going out of town is not possible, consider taking a few days off work to explore your own town or city. Relaxing by a pool, visiting museums and restaurants, or spending the day at the park could be just the thing you need for rest and relaxation.

Vacations don’t have to be expensive, exotic, or even long, but the benefits of a change of place – and pace – can positively impact your outlook and give you the boost you need to rock your career.

Have you taken a break from work? Where did you go to refuel? Share your ideas on inexpensive vacation plans in our comments section below.