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4 Health Must Do’s and One Habit to Ditch Fast

HealthEating_April2011_web With summer quickly approaching, many are looking to firm up their diets and their tummies. By avoiding poor workplace diet and exercise habits, you will quickly find yourself a happier, healthier employee. Here are some tips to help.

Portion Control.
One of the biggest mistakes a snacker can make is simply eating too much. Although counting calories isn’t the only consideration to be made, it is an important one. A good rule of thumb is to eat snacks equal to the size of your fist. Whether you’re grabbing almonds, fruit, or even chips be sure to only grab a fist full. Additionally, limiting yourself to two snacks per day will keep your tummy from growling during office meetings while helping you keep off the pounds. 

Ditch the Soda.
Arguably one of the healthiest habits you can practice is drinking less soda. Incorporating more water into your diet will leave you feeling more hydrated and thus, more refreshed and energetic. Your new-found energy level will directly and positively impact your work ethic, helping you take on challenges and opportunities presented throughout the day.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies.
The same nutritional rules from when we were younger apply; fruit and vegetables are always the best snack you can opt for. Try to find fruits and vegetables that are in season to ensure they taste delicious and are as inexpensive as possible. Visit your local farmers market for great in season foods. Incorporating more of these two foods into your diet will radically change your health and your performance in the office.

Exercising regularly will whip you into shape, while also creating a stronger drive to get healthy. Setting and achieving goals in the gym will give you confidence in your work goals and ability. Your newfound stamina will also allow you more energy and strength to devote to your daily tasks.

Reward Yourself.
Although healthy diet and exercise is key, you are allowed to reward yourself occasionally. We all deserve some “cheat days” and should be allowed to act upon some of our ever-present cravings. Just remember, all rewards should come in moderation in order to maintain the health you’ve worked so hard for.

Diet and exercise affect so much of our daily life, including our time spent at work. By adapting healthy habits today, you will ensure improved health and work performance for the future.