More Quick Tips for Video Interviews

Over the past several months, people who never used video conferencing software before the COVID-19 pandemic have become believers in the potential the technology has for how they conduct business in today’s always connected world.

Back in May, we wrote a blog focusing on what job seekers can do to stand out in a video interview. Here are a few more tips to consider you may not have thought about.

Expect the Unexpected
No technology is perfect and the potential for a breakdown is always there. Try to remain calm if the meeting program crashes. Your interviewer might ask to reschedule the interview or call you by phone. Be prepared for anything.

Remove distractions
Sure, distractions like email and texts apply just as much to video interviews as they do to in-person interviews, but when you’re not in the office, there’s likely a whole new set of distractions to contend with you may not think about until it happens. One of the biggest is technology issues. If you’re having to pause the interview to adjust settings, figure out how to mute and unmute, etc., it can not only be distracting, but also frustrating for your interviewer.

Additionally, surprise visits from kids and pets are always a possibility when interviewing via video from home, so be sure to find a place where you can lock yourself away from interruptions as best as possible.

Forgive yourself
Face-to-face interviews are stressful enough for job seekers, and everyone is still figuring out what interviewing looks like in a COVID-19 world. Throw in the disadvantage of not physically being in the same room as the interviewer where it’s easier to read body language and facial expressions, and it becomes a much more awkward interaction—especially if you don’t have much experience with video conferencing. So, if you make a mistake or speak out of turn, don’t beat yourself up; it happens to everyone!

Have you had any video interview recently? How did they go? Let us know in the comments section below!

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