Career Lessons from Music Genres

Music is considered a universal language and serves as the soundtrack to many of our lives. A good tune could also help you stay on top of your game at work. Here are some career lessons you can learn from various music genres. We’ve also compiled a list of songs to add to your work playlist.

Bring Hip-hop Energy to Your Team

Fans of this music genre enjoy upbeat tunes, collaborative freestyles from their favorite artists, and informative and energetic lyrics. Using hip-hop energy to motivate your team during meetings and group projects can be very effective. It’s not always possible to get everyone excited about a work project, but it’s worth trying to instill good vibes with your teammates. As you reach each project milestone, celebrate your victories. You could even perform a hip-hop freestyle with motivating lyrics to encourage everyone to finish the project with solid execution.

Job Journey’s Hip-Hop Song Pick: All I Do Is Win – DJ Khaled

Rock and Roll Through Job Changes

Fans of this music genre enjoy the drums and many variations of sounds available in rock music. Reader’s Digest says classic rock listeners are easygoing and selfish, which could be helpful traits to have. If you’ve been with your company or department for a while, you’ve probably noticed many changes. An easy-going personality may be advantageous in the workplace, where flexibility and the ability to roll with the punches are required. Being selfish has a bad reputation, but it can be beneficial when you set boundaries for yourself to grow professionally and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Job Journey’s Rock Song Pick: We Are the Champions – Queen

Jazz Up Your Creativity

Fans of this music genre enjoy good harmony and improvisation. Be willing to experiment with creativity, as jazz musicians do. Being open to trying new ideas and approaches can help stretch yourself and your team while potentially helping your company grow. Using the trial-and-error method to manage a project,  taking a different approach to your performance review, or having one-on-one meetings with your manager could be effective ways to incorporate creativity. Share the spotlight with your team by encouraging a creative and collaborative work environment.

Job Journey’s Jazz Song Pick for Your Work Playlist: What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

Get Pumped Up Like Pop: Boost Your Productivity

Fans of this music genre enjoy all the top-charting songs on the radio and streaming platforms. Pumped-up music can motivate you to work harder. If you’re losing your creativity or feeling drained at work, try getting a boost from a co-worker. Consider holding a brainstorming session to bounce off better ways to be productive. It’s okay to change up your workflow.

Job Journey’s Pop Song Pick for Your Work Playlist: Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

What kind of music motivates you at work? Let us know in the comments section below!

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