Question of the Month: What are the Biggest Barriers to Employment for Job Seekers?

There are plenty of job openings right now, but companies are having a difficult time hiring. There’s no doubt we’re in a job seekers market, but could there be roadblocks standing in the way of their next job opportunity?

We want to know, what are some of the biggest barriers job seekers are facing today?

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  1. Scott C Jensen

    I can’t get any company to train me to drive a stand-up forklift or sit-down forklift as well as do UPS and FedEx packages, also I can’t get a company to show me how to use a scanner. I should be a lot further along in my working life than I am.

  2. Al Monet

    I can’t get a company to consider me due to being older and no training offered. I should be way ahead in my work career.

  3. Marcus T. McDonald

    People have the necessary skills and experience to do jobs but can’t get the job because of their past background, even if it’s 3–25 years ago, and if they do get a job, it’s a very low-paying job. That barely covers expenses. They only cover the gas on a weekly basis and nothing else. They won’t be able to save or even pay bills. SMH.

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