If the Job Search Were a Movie Casting

Get cast in the job of a lifetime

Every year, actors flock to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams. They want to star in hit TV shows and blockbuster films, or at least book enough work to handle basic life expenses. Only a small percentage will accomplish that—those who work hard, have a plan, and stick it out. Others may get burnt out and give up.

Sound like your job search? Competitive jobs go to those who work the hardest and have the best connections. Here are a few ways to master your job search and get cast in the job you’ve always wanted.

  1. Leverage Your Network

Actors can’t get very far without connections. They aren’t going to book many gigs right after moving to LA, and most agents aren’t going to consider representing them if they don’t have any work. They need to make a name for themselves by connecting to other actors, casting directors, and directors.

When you’re competing for a great job, connections help. A recommendation from someone the hiring manager knows makes you stand out from the competition. It makes you a person, more than just another name in a stack of resumes. Join a professional group or engage in community service—you never know where that next connection might come from.

  1. Take Classes

Actors are constantly in acting classes to keep their skills sharp. They need to keep improving to stand out from the competition.

If you don’t have the skills or experience necessary for the job you want, consider taking classes to fill out your resume. These can range from certification courses to night school to trade school. Whatever it is you need to get the job you want, it’s worth the effort and time to land the role.

  1. Book Smaller Gigs

Think about some of the most famous actors you know and check out their resume on IMDb. Odds are they didn’t start out with blockbuster films or hit TV shows. Most actors begin their career with smaller jobs that nobody remembers, like a quirky cashier that had two lines or a dead body on a hit crime drama.

If your dream job is incredibly competitive, don’t pressure yourself to land it right away. You might need to take on a few smaller, less desirable jobs to get more experience before you can qualify for a starring role. Research online and find a few people living your dream life, and see if you can take the same path they did to get there.

  1. Get an Agent

To get access to the best gigs, actors need an agent. Someone to vouch for them in the industry, someone with access to jobs an actor would otherwise be unable to hear about. A partner who will make them stand out from the competition.

When it comes to the job search, the closest thing to a talent agent is a staffing company. But there’s one big difference—agents take a cut of their actors’ income, while most staffing companies never charge a thing. If you’re ready to make your dreams come true, contact a staffing company like Express Employment Professionals. Express interacts with clients every day, and knows where you can fit in.

If you’re ready to get cast in that dream job, contact your local Express office, download the ExpressJobs app from your mobile store, or fill out our online application.

Any thoughts on how your job search has been like a movie casting? Let us know in the comments section below!

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