How Would Superheroes Approach the Job Search?

Last time we checked in on how Disney Princesses were doing with their job search, and now it’s time to take a look at how Marvel heroes might approach their own hunt for a job. Sure, they can save the world, but if you take away their powers and fancy technological gizmos, can they still survive the job search?

Captain America: Soft Skills are Must-Haves!

The Super-Soldier Serum gave Steven “Steve” Rogers super-strength and inhuman agility. That’s how he became the hero known as Captain America.

But even if Cap lost his incredible abilities, he’d still be able to get just about any job out there because of his true superpower: charisma.

He has passion and the soft skills necessary to get thejob. Soft skills are sets of attributes that have to do with how people relate to each other: communicating, problem solving, listening, conflict resolution, giving feedback, and contributing in meetings. Steve is always open to listening to others and believes in the power of the team over the efforts of the individual. It’s what makes him such an incredible leader.

Tony Stark: Networking is Invaluable

Tony Stark isn’t just a protector of mankind; he’s also a billionaire. That‘s how he can afford all the tech he needs to become the metal-clad hero Iron-Man! But even if he lost his armor and his billions, he’d still have his ability to see the entire chessboard.

Tony is an actual genius, and that’s why he always knows how to get people what they want to be happy. Before he was a hero, he was a businessman. He wasn’t always the most personable guy, but he could cut a deal like nobody else.

Tony is a networker. He connects with other likeminded individuals to get things done. If he found himself back in the job search, he’d be starting another company in no time.

The Hulk: You’d Like Him Just Fine When He Wasn’t Angry

Bruce Banner is a mild-mannered scientist. But get him feeling a certain way, and he’ll transform into the monstrous Hulk. But what really makes Bruce a compelling hero are his human qualities. He never gives up; no matter what mayhem the Hulk may cause, his human side always brings him back and keeps him in check.

Bruce wouldn’t give up on his job search either. He’d scour every job listing and ace every interview until he got his dream career.

Even if you don’t have a suit of technological armor, inhuman superstrength, or a tendency to transform into a giant out-of-control monster, there are still lessons to learn from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Now it’s time to create your own job search origin story.

Do you have any other ideas on how other Marvel heroes might approach the job search? Let us know in the comments section below!

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