Poll Results: What Benefits Could Your Company Add/Modify to Build Stronger Loyalty Among Their Employees?

We’re still living in a job seekers’ market, which means that companies face intense competition for hiring job applicants. One way for them to compete is by offering better benefits. We wanted to know what benefits mattered to you, our readers, so we held a poll. We also asked employers what benefits they were offering in this tight labor market. Let’s see what you had to say!

Job seekers and employees valued pay increases most highly, with 22% of respondents choosing the option as their top benefit. Additional time off and reduced health insurance costs came next, with 17% and 15% of the vote, respectively. 14% valued flexible scheduling, while another 14% wanted remote work options. Finally, mental/emotional wellness benefits and a relaxed dress code were less highly valued, with 10% and 7% of the vote.

On the employer side, we asked what benefits companies added or modified to retain talent. Thirty percent of respondents began to offer pay increases, 16% now offer remote options, and 12% offer flexible scheduling. 9% now give additional time off, while 8% have a relaxed dress code. Mental/emotional wellness benefits came next with 7% of the vote, followed by reduced health insurance costs at 4%.

What does it mean?

Interestingly, companies are offering pay increases like most job seekers want. However, they could stand to increase additional time off and reduced health insurance costs, since those benefits are also highly valued by job seekers.

Are there any other benefits you’d be interested in? Let us know in the comments section below!

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