Just Do It: Tackling Your Career Goals

Do you have any career-related goals from last year that you still need to achieve? Now is a good time to work on them or start something new. The 24th of January was National “Just Do It” Day. It was first observed in 2015 and is a day to attempt new things or finish the task you’ve been putting off. Even though the day has past, here are some things you can do in your work-life to propel you to greater success.

Take the Initiative on a New Project

Has your department already mapped out your year’s projects? If so, it could be a good time to raise your hand and try something different. Asking your employer to lead a project displays your willingness to go above and beyond for your team. If you execute the task well, it might also help you gain visibility inside the organization. Taking on a new project could be thrilling because we often feel caught in a rut.

Tidy Up Your Workspace

Did you intend to clean up your desk or workspace at the end of the year but were distracted by the holidays and other events, so you never got around to it? Throwing away any outdated documents or materials you don’t need anymore is an excellent idea. Maybe you need to wash some plates or coffee mugs. Wipe down the area with a few wipes or cleaning spray. The more room you have for yourself while you work, the better. Decluttering frees up time, space, and energy that may and should be directed to more important tasks.

Build Stronger Work Relationships

Relationships matter, even at work, and building such relationships is crucial if you want a productive workplace. Maybe you want to improve your relationship with your boss or a coworker. Try it out! Try to initiate a friendly conversation if you are more introverted at work. Ask a coworker or your boss how you can help them in any way.

Pick a Training or Conference

Have you ever wanted to improve your existing job abilities or learn something new? Spend time researching an in-person or virtual training program offered by your workplace or a conference that interests you. One way to give your skillset a boost, as well as your resume, is to earn certifications relevant to your career. To help determine which certifications might be right for you, check out this list of popular certifications arranged by career field. Conferences can also be good opportunities to network with others in your field and create new connections.

What are other things you’d like to do on the job but never get around to doing? Let us know in the comments section below.


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