What to Do If You Don’t Find Office Work Satisfying

Desk job got ya down? Here’s a few tips.

Day after day you sit in your cubicle, shuffling papers and filling out forms, waiting on other people to get their job done so you can finish up projects. And maybe scrolling through a few more Buzzfeed articles than you should be. Or you sit around in meetings where nothing is getting done, thinking about what’s for lunch.

In short, you’re bored of your office job.

Office life can be great for many of us, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone! If you can’t handle the tiresome tedium any longer, you really only have two choices: spice things up or look for a job in a different field.

Spice is Nice

If a chef isn’t impressed by a bland piece of chicken, what does he do? He adds salt or spices to make a delicious dish.

The same thing applies to your office job. For example, it’s possible your dislike of office work is due to a lack of direction. If you don’t have a goal in mind (increasing your metrics, nabbing a promotion, etc.), then day-to-day responsibilities might become mundane. Create a flavorful development plan and talk to your manager about it—odds are that you can settle on something great together.

It could also be that you enjoy the work but there’s just too much downtime. Ask your manager for more projects or look around and see if there are any other departments you’re interested in working with. You might not enjoy HR work, but be in love with a marketing position.

Leave the Kitchen

People always like to say, “if the fire’s too hot, get out of the kitchen!” but the same thing applies to a fire that’s too cold. If you can’t heat up your daily work, your career will become lukewarm. So, go find a new kitchen!

It might seem intimidating to change your career path, especially if you’re closer to retirement but if you aren’t happy it’s worth it. Check out your local colleges and search online for classes and training relevant to your interests. Odds are you can take night classes (or online classes in your spare time) while you’re at your current position to make changing careers easier.

Contact Express

A staffing company like Express Employment Professionals can also help you switch careers. They have connections with companies in a variety of industries; all you have to do is let them know what you’re interested in and they’ll do the rest, and they never charge a fee. Create an Express account or download the app on the App Store or Google Play to get started.



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