Will You Find a Job in 2020?

As we enter a new decade, many job seekers are hoping to change careers or find employment. To get an idea of how the job market looks to our readers, we asked you what you thought the job search might look like in 2020.

Forty-six percent of job seekers think finding a new job in 2020 will be “somewhat difficult,” while 36% say it will be “hard.” Just 14% believe it will be “somewhat easy,” while 4% note it will be “easy.”

A few readers provided further information about their thoughts on the 2020 job search, including the following:

“I am 69. I have worked many years and now I would like to only work part time. I have applied to over 75 places and nothing. I have had three interviews.”

“It’s definitely a market where I can move around—I feel good about it!”

“It will be hard. I just finished a post secondary program at NAIT and will be competing against others who have tons more experience!”

Depending on who you are, where you are in your career, and what your experience looks like, the job search could be harder or more difficult. But with unemployment at all-time lows, there aren’t enough skilled job seekers to fill the open positions that are out there. If you want to make your 2020 job search easier, check out our Answering the Interview Question blog series.

Do you have anything else to say about what your job search might look like in 2020? Let us know in the comments section below!

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