Fall in Love with Your Job Search Again

It’s that time of year! Pink baked goods are everywhere, boxes of chocolate are on sale, and cards decorated with hearts are popping up in every store. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away!

But before you think about that extra-special someone, what about your extra-special self? The job search can be tough, and it’s easy to lose hope. If you’re feeling a bit down, here are a few tips to feel the love again!

  1. Take Some Time Apart

When a couple is going through a bit of a rough patch, they might decide to spend some time apart. They still love each other, but a bit of time away from each other can help them sort out their feelings. The same applies to the job search.

If you find yourself getting rejected from potential jobs over and over, don’t be afraid to take a few hours or even a few days off. The job search is a job in and of itself, and everyone gets burnt out sometimes. Taking a moment for self-care can ensure you’re energized and ready to go for the next round of applications.

  1. Gift Yourself More Skills!

What’s a better gift than a box of chocolates? A snazzy box of job skills! If you are running into closed doors when it comes to your job search, it might be time to add some skills to your resume.

These can be general job skills, such as those learned from online courses or professional groups, or certifications. Certifications showcase your status or level of achievement shows companies you know your stuff and can really boost your resume.

  1. Time for Treats

Each application you send is a chance to grow your relationship with the company you’re applying to. And although the end goal is getting a great job, there are plenty of smaller goals to celebrate along the way!

Set milestone goals for yourself and celebrate each one with a break or tasty snack. This could be as simple as sending out five applications a day, or as complicated as mastering a new skillset to open up an entirely new type of job to apply to.

  1. Love Yourself

The most important thing to remember during the job search is that you are worth it. You’re an incredible person, and you will find a great job. It might take some time, but the right job for you is out there!

Have you found any other ways to love your job search? Let us know in the comments section below!

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