Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

You might be aware that we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day every year, but did you know why? Everything started during World War II, when there was a shortage of administrative personnel in the United States due to a decline in birth rates.

As a result, the National Secretaries Association was created to promote administrative roles and their importance to the economy. It was in their first year that the Association created National Administrative Professionals Day, then known as National Secretary’s Day.

We now celebrate this day every year to honor administrative assistants for all the work they do. If you’re an administrative professional, or looking to start a career in administrative work, we at Job Journey would like to thank you with a curated selection of blogs made just for you.

  1. The Changing Face of Admin

The best way to celebrate where we are now is to look back at where we came from. This blog looks at the history of admin professionals and how the job has changed with the times.

  1. Job Spotlight: Administrative Assistant

Looking to get into administrative work? We detail the responsibilities and experience required of the job.

  1. Portraits of Hope: Administrative Professional Helen Simmons

Meet Helen Simmons — a truly incredible administrative professional selected as the Administrative Employee of the Year in 2012 by Express Employment Professionals.

We thank all administrative professionals for their excellent work, and look forward to another year of stellar performance.

Are you an administrative professional? What do you love about your job? Let us know in the comments section below!

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