How to Fully Disconnect From Work on Vacation

It’s the time of year when many people will take time off from work. If you haven’t had the chance to practice work-life balance in a while, unplugging from work for the holidays may be a great way to end the year. We hope to encourage you to take some time off successfully and be proactive about doing so with a few helpful tips.

Work Ahead

Work as far ahead as possible before you leave to ease your boss’ worries (and make them less likely to contact you on vacation). If anything is due the week of or even the week after your break, it should be done before you leave. And even if you don’t work in a deadline-driven environment, there are still duties you can take care of before you go. Also, you can stay organized by setting aside a day to catch up on any work that has come in when you return.

Vacation Accountability Partner 

Have you ever had a vacation accountability partner? It may be useful to have a dependable teammate who will remind you to take time off and resist the urge to check your email or the status of a project that might be due when you return. You could also serve as someone else’s accountability partner while they are away.

Set Out-of-Office Emails

Out-of-office emails could easily be everyone’s favorite email to send. If you’re going on vacation or will be out of the office for a while, set up an automatic reply email to send while you’re gone. Include your return date and who to contact if a colleague or customer requires assistance. Out of the office means just that, so turn off those notifications and relax. It could also be helpful for you to disconnect from social media as well during your vacation.

Treat Your Vacation With Respect

Don’t feel guilty for taking time away from work to unwind. Everybody needs a little relaxation from time to time. Consider your time off as an investment in your well-being. With just a bit of planning, you’ll ensure your time away from work is truly a vacation. Being flexible about when, where, and how long you’re away will open the door for you to try new things and give you a break you crave.

How do you plan to relax during the holidays? Let us know in the comments section below!

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