Working Remotely as a Couple

With remote work available for many employees, this flexible option may add a new dynamic to your relationship with your significant other.

Whether you’ve been working remotely since the COVID-19 pandemic began or have just recently been offered the option, we want to help you successfully navigate your relationship and reduce stress while working from home with your partner.

Communicate Now More than Ever

Because you’ll be spending more time together due to your work-from-home arrangement, now is a perfect moment to put the “communication is key” advice into practice. Here are some ways you and your spouse or partner can communicate effectively about work:

  • Talk with your spouse or partner about your most productive times of the day, such as phone and virtual meetings and times when you’ll need to be hyper-focused on work with few interruptions.
  • Communicate your job schedule. You can go old school and post your calendar on the fridge or use platforms like Google Calendar to build a shared calendar.
  • Set aside time to check in with each other to see how their workday is going and how you can help.


Work Out Your Workspace

It’s also good to chat with your spouse or partner about your workstation arrangement. Some conversation ideas could include:

  • If you live in a shared apartment or house, consider if you have enough room or what rooms can be designated as a workspace. If you live in a smaller space, maybe you can each decide on other locations to work for a few days each week.
  • Make a note of any items you and your partner need to work from home comfortably, such as headphones, a wireless mouse and keyboard, or a laptop stand, and get them all at once. You could even give your spouse or partner items like a coffee mug or a plant to decorate their workstation.
  • If your workplace arrangement doesn’t work for you and your partner, talk about what is and isn’t working and adapt from there. Remember that this is a major change for both of you, and you’ll need some time to work out the kinks.


Keep the Relationship Fun!

  • Take lunch breaks together or commit to dinner out once a week if your schedule permits it.
  • Try not to let each other’s work stress become your own. Aim for times when you eliminate work from the discussion and have some fun.
  • Plan your PTO together. See if you can fit in a getaway trip with your partner.


Because your relationship is unique, devise a strategy that allows you and your spouse or partner to work and live together successfully.

What strategies are working for you and your partner while working from home? What could you improve? Let us know in the comments section below!

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